The 4th Power list 2021

Cameroon 40 Under 40 Achievers

 The last 2 years saw an unprecedented rise in economic downturn as the global pandemic not only affected lives, but businesses, organizations and even livelihood in communities.

Cameroon was not left behind as socio-economic activities were hampered. However some showed resilience and stayed steadfast in the pursuit of their mission, be it in the professional or societal front.

In Business, Personal Lives and Career, these forty young Cameroonians under the age forty excelled in their various domains, reason for which we applaud them by honouring them as the top 40 Leaders in this category.

This is to encourage them to grow and keep inspiring others to do same.

Meet Cameroon Achiever`s Magazine 40 under 40 Achievers for the Year 2021.

Business & Entrepreneurship

Claudel Noubissie

Founder of the Start Up Group which has several branches including the Start Up Academy has trained and mentored thousands of people to start and grow their businesses.

Cedric Motchebong

Founder of BDS Group, a Business Development firm, focusesd on training and helping startups grow using innovative business strategies. He is also the founder of the International School of Entrepreneurship an online business academy that has trained thousands of people acquire business lessons and skills.


Shuri Chofor Asumta

Runs one of the most successful photography and event planning companies in Cameroon. Sumis Studios has grown to become a renown name in the event planning business in Cameroon offering tailor-made services to premium clients in Cameroon. She also empowers and mentor young people teaching them right businesses practices and a better way of life.

Christelle Jackson

 Christelle Jackson TALOM is a 32 lady who is passionate about entrepreneurship and leadership. Born in a small locality called Manengole in the coastal region. She graduated in 2012 from Cambridge International College in shipping and transport. Added to that she is also certified in project management. Since 2015, she has decided to fall deepen into entrepreneurship by launching her own and first start up: www.sappgo.com which is an online platform dedicated to shop groceries and get supply at home. Being a pioneer in her country in that domain, she has being struggling to push up her business and trying to be a reference. Actually Christelle Jackson TALOM is a CEO of SAPPGO SARL which is at its second phase implementation. She has put in place a line of product with her brand (Sappgo) such as Instant ginger tea with honey (In addition lemon, lemongrass and turmeric); and in innovation a set of ice tea (ginger, lemon, tamarind, white hibiscus, and red hibiscus). Christelle Jackson TALOM envisions to transform more other goods (Irish potatoes, rice, cocoa, coffee etc..) in a very different way. She is convinced that agriculture is the key for the development of Cameroon reason why she is investing all her time and resource to lead others to that and stand strongly for it. Christelle Jackson TALOM believes in hard work, action and merit, and all this reflects the various values she shares with her employees in her company. Even if she has started something great, she does believe that there’s still a lot to discover, learn and share. Being General secretary of Cameroun Women Entrepreneurs Network (CWEN) gives her a special room for arguments when it’s come to Women into Entrepreneurship.


John Etta

 JOHN ETTA TABE ONEKE a.k.a STAR DADDY was born on the 31 of July 1986 in Buea. After studying sociology and anthropology in the University of Buea, he decided to embrace music as a full-time recording artist and a producer to other artists in 2009.

The many challenges faced in his music journey made him to fall in love with entrepreneurship and leadership in 2016..

Today John Etta is an artist, author, social media content creator, serial entrepreneur, business consultant and community builder with equity in diverse businesses.

As an ILO Certified Business Consultant, he is currently helping 6 International companies to establish in Cameroon.

He is equally the founder of the JANGI Fintech startup, JANGI CORPORATIVE CREDIT UNION and the 1000 VIP WINNERZ community.


Co-founder and Executive Director of Jongo Hub one of Cameroon’ s frontline tech incubators

Amidst all these, JOHN ETTA is back in school to obtain an MBA in project management with Skyhigh University Douala, in partnership with Zurich Elite Business School Switzerland.

He is currently running a 6 months STAR DADDY MENTORSHIP PROGRAM, through which he helps 100 outstanding young people find a sense of purpose.

This very brilliant young man has dedicated the rest of his life in helping people reprogram their subconscious minds for success and wealth creation through his STAR DADDY TALKS online show, both on Facebook and YouTube.

He recently authored a phenomenal book titled, HOW WE MADE IT IN AFRICA. A book that is transforming so many lives. There’s so much to watch out for, when it comes to JOHN ETTA a.k.a STAR DADDY. He has decided to live full and die empty.


Javnyuy Joybert

Javnyuy Joybert (Mr Remarkable) is a multiple (31 times) international award winning business & productivity speaker, trainer, consultant & entrepreneur with 11 years+ of experience in 16 countries physically and 27 nations through virtual programs and refined skills who empowers his audience and clients (individuals & corporate structures) with deep insights, models, solutions & crafted tools they can apply in their businesses and lives to experience peak performance.


His areas of expertise cut across strategy & execution, process creation & implementation, employee essential skills, business startup & expansion, personal & team productivity, market entry & dominance, digital transformation, the future of work and organizations of the future.


Javnyuy is the CEO of COSDEF Group LTD, a service disruptive business with 16 employees with subsidiary operations in Financial Services, Corporate Training/Consulting, Skills Training & Recruitment Services, Technology and Investment Advisory Services.


Founder & Executive President of The Center for Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Business Management Development (CELBMD) Africa, which is an accredited international center of choice for professional skills training and development for CEOs, Mid-Executives, Entrepreneurs, Leaders & Young Professionals. Founded in 2012, CELBMD Africa has trained and certified 10800+ in 26 nations through virtual and physical instructor led sessions.


Javnyuy is equipped with world class skills by global institutions; he is a certified lean strategist by The Hudson Strategic Group Atlanta, Leading Change expert by The Institute of Continuing Education – The University of Cambridge, MBA in Human Resource Management from Rome Business School, Certified Essential Skills Trainer by The International Research & Exchanges Board USA, Certified KAIZEN Quality & Productivity Improvement Consultant, Certified Robotic Process Automation Business Analyst by TECHCANVASS Academy India, Enterprise Design Thinking (IBM) Practitioner and holds a Doctorate in Business Administration with Specialization in Entrepreneurship & Investments from Kesmonds International University (KIU) America.


Javnyuy is a Queen’s Young Leader Award Winner Runner-Up, 2018 Mandela Washington Fellow at Clark Atlanta University USA, 2018 & 2020 Class of 100 Most Influential Young Africans, Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur 2019, OBAMA Foundation African Leader, YALS 2019 Young African Entrepreneur of the Year, The Masters’ Mind Africa Awards Speaker of the Year 2020, Forbes Business Council Nominee March 2020, member of Conference Speakers International South Africa, Expert Member IBF International Consulting and Associate Member: International Association of Innovation Professionals.

Javnyuy Joybert is a celebrated global thought leader. He has been recognized by Thinkers360 which is a Dallas, Texas (US) based largest & premier marketplace for thought leaders and influencers among the Top 100, Top 50, Top 25 and Top 10 thought leaders in the fields of business continuity, business strategy, change management, organizational culture, digital transformation & disruption, future of work, human resource management, entrepreneurship and business leadership. His works have been published in different business magazines across Europe, North America and Africa.

Steve Franklin Talla


An architect with a difference, Steve Franklin has eyes for detail and is one of the most sought after architects and home and interior designs in Cameroon.

Mbacham Santher

 Mbacham Santher is an unapologetic gregarious 29 year old Cameroonian, who derives fulfillment from working strategically to increase her country’s economic prosperity by primarily strengthening the business ecosystem and secondarily, strengthening the relationships between brands and their publics via creative public relations and branding. This is in a bid to make them more visible, valuable, bankable profitable, and sustainable.


She founded Imagenation, a PR Agency which exists to highlight the successes, opportunities and challenges within Cameroonian society, while simultaneously strengthening mutually beneficial relationships between brands and clients by, enhancing their brand profile through campaigns, stories and achievements and by protecting their image on or off the digital sphere.

Founded together with her friends, Mafue Forchu and VelveetaViban, she serves as Managing Director since 2019 where she has successfully managed PR campaigns and activities for brands/organizations, like TotalEnergies, Ballantine’s, Jameson, MARCAD, CAF and so much more.


She served as a Communications officer for the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences where
she used a series of communications tools to craft strategies in order to optimize visibility, and demystify Mathematics that will consequentially, increased the pipeline of students studying STEM in Cameroon.



She believes she is on a lifelong mission to change the current narrative about her country, one PR campaign, one story, one mentee at a time under ImageNation PR Agency, ensuring its growth and impact on society.


She recently got nominated by family and friends and eventually chosen by Sir. Tony Elumelu to be part of his International Women’s Day mentees. An opportunity of a lifetime, she doesn’t not take for granted.


When she is not changing the narrative, you can always find me behind a camera lens with her younger brother, taking simple, yet elegant pictures, or on a basketball court, which got her 2 championship medals for Apejes de Mfou, or in church leading souls to Christ by playing the percussions or on the mic, MCing weddings and events in both English and French.


She subscribes to the “Women Supporting Women” narrative because of her personal experiences and how Women have been at the helm of her success story. She believes in the power of owning the mic because you can tell your story how no one else can tell it.


Added to her belief is in the power of “community” and that is why family and friends mean everything to her. There is nothing more that lightens up her world than seeing others happy. Whatever it takes to see a smile and some satisfaction on another’s face, count her in.


The biggest lessons she has learned from her parents is Service, Kindness and Honesty, principles she strives to live by and emulate in her daily and professional life.


She is very social media savvy and her favorite app is Twitter.  There, she talks about, PR, Comms, Branding, Influencer marketing, Media, movies, documentaries, Football, basketball, reality Tv, Cameroon and current trends. Her love for Cameroon has earned her the name #Cameroon’sPublicist and is predominantly known on social media as the cool, opinionated, hilarious Cameroon’s publicist who cracks their ribs.




Noella Fonju

Noella M.N.Fonju, a Cameroonian entrepreneur, founder and creative director of FONJ SHOES-A footwear brand that manufactures and retails premium footwear and leather accessories for men, women and children, was born on the 1st of January 1995.

She was born in Buea, but grew up in Fontem, Lebialem Division, where, she did her Primary and Secondary Education at C.S Menji and Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College, Fontem, respectively.


She later moved to the University of Buea where she studied and graduated in 2016, with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting.


She worked as an Accountant at Agro-Hub Ltd Buea. Equally as a Junior Accountant at Millenium Immobilier SA in Douala, before finally leaving in September 2019, to fully concentrate on FONJ which had been running on the side since July 2018. She started FONJ out of her love for fashion, as a bid to encourage the consumption of locally made products and as well to shatter some of the stereotypes about Cameroon made and Africa in general.

FONJ is a modern, sustainable venture that creates beautiful products that tell a story. It also is, one of the first Cameroonian footwear brands to celebrate and bring to limelight, the Cameroonian footwear craftsmanship/artisan story-something many didn’t think even existed.


Noella M.N. Fonju is an advocate for women’s economic empowerment, dignity of labour and is passionate about encouraging the youth and women especially, to gear towards skill acquisition. This is evident in her activities as an active member of The African Women Entrepreneurship Program, Cameroon chapter.(AWEP Cameroon) and the Cameroon India Business council- WICCI.

Sorel Mouafo

 Sorel Mouafo, activist for Made In Cameroon consumption, empowerment and financial inclusion of women in Africa. Showing Cameroonians that it is possible to consume what we produce and produce what we consume, such has been her fight since 2017. It was in 2017 that Sorel Mouafo created MyNetShop (www.mynetshop.biz) an online and physical store located in Yaoundé, specializing in the exclusive distribution of Made in Cameroon products. Unfortunately, its activity will very quickly face the constraints linked to the difficulties encountered by the processors of local products, in particular the irregularity of production and the quality of the finished products. It is on the strength of this that she will decide to create in 2018 with José KUN IV, the Réseau pour l’Accompagnement des Produits et Entrepreneurs Camerounais (RAPEC) which today has 160 members, whose headquarters are in Yaounde with a representation in Douala and another in Yagoua. With RAPEC, she contributes to providing entrepreneurs with high value-added services, it advocates with the Government and financial technical partners so that measures more favorable to the exercise of entrepreneurship are taken and applied, finally she offers financing with terms more suited to the constraints of producers and processors engaged in local production. The empowerment and financial inclusion of women in Africa is another fight led by Sorel Mouafo, in particular through her expertise and her modest experience that she makes available to the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) Advisory Panel in the CEMAC Zone, on women and digital financial services, which is a tool for reflection (23 recommendations made) and advocacy (these 23 recommendations are addressed to CEMAC leaders and regulators. She also does so through WOMEN IN AFRICA x DELOITE ( WiaxDeloitte) Mentorship program, a prestigious mentoring program for African women from 54 countries, in which she is a Mentor and shares her experience and skills with women entrepreneurs. Before engaging in entrepreneurship, Sorel Mouafo brilliantly obtained a Higher Diploma of Professional Studies (DSEP) in Marketing where she was National Major in 2008, a License in Marketing where she was Major of her promotion in 2009 and finally a Master 2 still in Marketing where she was also Major of her promotion in 2012. She has been employed in several Cameroonian and Foreign companies as Head of the Marketing Department, Business Development Manager too. Sorel Mouafo, passionate about Marketing, personal development, e-commerce and horror films, is now a fulfilled mother of 2 children who firmly believes in the ability of young Cameroonians to excel in entrepreneurship and impose their know-how in the world.



Fai Collins

Ajara Nchout Njoya

Karl Toko Ekambi

They made a difference in the world of Sports, both internationally and on the national territory, taking their teams from victory to victory with their decisive shots on goal and passes. Playing football to them is not just for the game, but their every game proved their patriotism and their zeal to fly the Cameroonian flag even higher.

Media, Culture & Arts

Biradzem Benoit Yuven

 Biradzem Benoit Yuven is a young vibrant and versatile Cameroonian youth, an award-winning blogger, recently Crown the Best English Blogger (Cameroon), courtesy of The Bonteh Digital Awards, a content creator and manager of the multi-award-winning Pan-African media outlet – The HotJem. He multi-tasks as event/red carpet host, renown for hosting major events like Urban Blend, headlined by 2Face Idibia, The Next Phase of the VIP Winnerz community, The largest Cameroonian barber’s gathering , just to name a few. He has provided over 100 live coverage, for major entertainment events across the country. Yuven has been instrumental in the careers of Cameroonian artists like Rinyu, AkuBai, Lesline with Public Relations duties, just to name a few! He even goes as far as playing lead video vixen roles, and delivers exquisitely, which saw him pick up a nomination at The Greenlight Awards in 2020, alongside Moustik Karismatic, Kola Sucre and he emerged second on the portal.


Biradzem Benoit Yuven

 Biradzem Benoit Yuven is a young vibrant and versatile Cameroonian youth, an award-winning blogger, recently Crown the Best English Blogger (Cameroon), courtesy of The Bonteh Digital Awards, a content creator and manager of the multi-award-winning Pan-African media outlet – The HotJem. He multi-tasks as event/red carpet host, renown for hosting major events like Urban Blend, headlined by 2Face Idibia, The Next Phase of the VIP Winnerz community, The largest Cameroonian barber’s gathering , just to name a few. He has provided over 100 live coverage, for major entertainment events across the country. Yuven has been instrumental in the careers of Cameroonian artists like Rinyu, AkuBai, Lesline with Public Relations duties, just to name a few! He even goes as far as playing lead video vixen roles, and delivers exquisitely, which saw him pick up a nomination at The Greenlight Awards in 2020, alongside Moustik Karismatic, Kola Sucre and he emerged second on the portal.


Ade Divine

Ade Divine is an award-winning blogger and freelance reporter with keen interest in football. The platforms where I work comprise my Facebook page (ADE Divine) and a football weblog called OnTrackHD which I founded in 2021. In this same regard, I occasionally operate as the African correspondent for The Soccer Way – a multinational football platform.

I strongly believe football goes beyond what the eyes meet; it is more than just a game. It can engender a lot of positive changes in society, while promoting values such as peace and unity which are vectors of growth in any society. On a personal note, I usually say football is part of my DNA. My love for the game started as far back as childhood, and it was always a case of “If I don’t play, I will talk about it”. Today, I cannot be happier recounting amazing football stories that set many hearts on fire, especially in Cameroon where the sport has a truly special place in the hearts of the people.

To me, the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations held in Cameroon was the springboard I always needed in my career as a football writer. Being an event that put football on the lips of millions of Cameroonians and Africans, leaving no one indifferent, it provided a major breakthrough for me in football reporting. I frequently created a lot of content around the most interesting stories of the tournament, and the reactions from readers was mind-blowing. In that span, my social media following increased in thousands. My confidence and motivation were boosted, and since then, the wind has not been taken out of my sails.

As a reporter, I have been privileged to win several awards, some of which are the 2020 Bonteh Digital Media Award for best English-speaking blogger and the 2020 E-Access for Health Initiative prize for community development through communication. Still in 2020, I was named as one of five media practitioners in the prestigious 3rd annual Power List of 40 Under-40 Honorees of Cameroon Achievers’ Award.

In as much as these awards recognise excellence, I am of the opinion that they call for even more responsibility and professionalism given that they project one as a model. A model is a leader and he who leads the way must get things right. In this light, I have not stopped learning. In 2021, for instance, I completed an online training entitled “Introduction to Digital Journalism” which is offered by Reuters and sponsored by Facebook Journalism Project. Such a training improves my awareness especially in issues related to fact-checking.

Aside being a media reporter, I am a PhD research student and a part-time lecturer in the University of Yaounde I. My research domain is ecolinguistics, which summarily focuses on investigating how language use influences the protection or destruction of the natural environment. This fall in line with supporting the United Nations environment program of the Sustainable Development Goals.



Kwoh Elonge

 Kwoh Elonge is a Cameroonian comedian, researcher, writer and journalist. He holds a BSc. in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Buea, an Msc in Sociology, and another Msc in Journalism and Mass Communication, from the University of Buea. He is currently completing a PhD in Educational Psychology. He created the comedic character, Auntie Felicia and has used the character to partner and champion various causes. From January 2011 to June 2021 he worked as Bureau head of Communication, Documentation and Archives with Elections Cameroon. He began work in July of 2021 as head of communication and public relations with the South West Regional Assembly. He is also head of the research department of Better Breed. He is co-host of the hit show Freaky Table and became the manager of Cameroonian singer, Awu, in June 2021. His writing has been published in international magazines and anthologies including African Arguments, Face to Face Africa, This is Africa, Stockholm Review, Bakwa Magazine, Kalahari Review etc. His core area of interest is in research that bridges communication and educational policy for youth empowerment. He blogs and comments on entertainment, loves music. When he is not reading, he googles Christopher Hitchens and Beyonce.

Arrey Tek

Katche Tracy writes Arrey Tek, AKA G4 is a Gospel Rapper who started music in 2007. He began with secular music but later on switched after giving his life to Christ in 2010.

G4 has ministered alongside Sinach, Ada, PU, Eben, TB1, Protek, Chris Shalom and Joe Praise just to name a few.

He has won the Awards for Best Urban Artist from Gospel Show and GSA awards in 2015, 2016, 2018 and recently won the Best Collaboration at the 2020 TGFIA Awards.

His first album Sanctified was released in 2014 and he has a DVD (the New breed) in stores now. His latest project the Kingspriest Ep released in May 2019 is currently on all online music stores and is available for streaming.

G4 is the CEO and owner of Eagles Wings Productions which produces and Manages other Gospel Artists such as Asheck Blessing, Alvy, Saint D and Melody Joyce.

G4 is also the CEO and owner of his own clothing line Known as “Born Again by G4”

He is a Management Accountant by profession and is also the “Brand Ambassador/face of “Agnos dei Apparels a (Christian clothing line) and BESTech Enterprise and Zoe Health Foundation. He recently Won the Award for Best CSR implemented initiative at the 2020 Cameroon Corporate Awards for working for his company IHS Towers.

He has also won Awards in his local ministry Christ Embassy and is one of the Leaders.

His main purpose for music is soul wining and this can be seen in the many soul wining activities he is involved in.


George Enow

Enow George Agbor is a Cameroonian Tech Entrepreneur, Website Developer and ICT Teacher with vast experience and proven track record in digital marketing, product conception,  design and development of web applications.

 Enow is the Co-Founder of Mungenow Technologies Limited, a leading B2C technology start up based out of Cameroon with a vision to develop technology products that meets the need of a modern African society. Mungenow Technologies has three flagship products; Mungenow Properties (www.mungenowproperties.com), a digital property portal that aims to simplify the process of renting, buying or selling properties across Cameroon and the African continent, Mungenow Classified (www.mungenowclassified.com), a classified website where people can sell and/or redistribute unused or unwanted items and Mungenow Trips (www.mungenowtrips.com), an online platform dedicated to making it simple, fast, and reliable to get the travel documentation (eVisas) with an online application process that makes it a breeze to get the eVisa you need from the comfort of your own home.

 Enow is the Founder of eNow Digital (www.enowdigital.com), an online platform to buy or sell music EPs, music albums, music mixtapes, event tickets, eMagazines, eBooks, audio books among other digital products in Cameroon and pay with MTN Mobile Money, Orange Money or BitCoin.

 He is also the Founder of Opportunities for Cameroonians (www.opportunitiesforcameroonians.com), an online platform created in line with SDGs goal 4, 8 and 17 which aims at bridging the gap between opportunity providers and opportunity seekers in order to ensure that Cameroonian youths have access to timely and quality information on local and international opportunities like scholarships, jobs, competitions, conferences etc.

 Enow is an innovative tech entrepreneur who has distinguished himself by being honored with multiple awards in education, entrepreneurship and IT. He was named Best Digital Entrepreneur at the 2019 Bonteh Digital Media Awards, a 2019 Impact ICT Innovator of the Year at the Cameroon Heroes Award, a 2018 DigCit SDG Award as Best Socialite for all SDGs, being listed among the 2018 50 Most Influential Young Cameroonians by Avance Media and COSDEF Group, as well as  a 2015 Best Educator in South West Region of Cameroon for Using and Integrating ICTs in Teaching by MTN Foundation.

 Driven by his commitment to social change, he has taken part in many leadership programs like YALI West Africa RLC Leadership program, Kectil Leadership program and African ChangeMakers Fellowship program among others.


Angele Taba

Angele MESSA is an award-winning EdTech entrepreneur, Open Educational Resources (OER) Expert and Instructional Designer with more than six years of experience in using technology to make life better for vulnerable communities. She prides herself on being a fast learner, detail-oriented, dynamic, and a problem-solver, passionate about creating enriched learning experiences deliverable through the most optimized channels. Angele holds a Masters degree in International Relations from the International Relations Institute of Cameroon. Currently, Angele runs EduClick, an organisation she co-founded which develops alternative learning methods for those who cannot access formal education due to poverty, disability, conflicts or unfavourable geographical location such as extremely inaccessible rural communities. She is dedicated to facilitating education access by creating an enabling platform for mentoring and equipping young people with employability skills while preparing them for the future of work, skills that will enable them to access a decent job market or create jobs for the continent through entrepreneurship. Her vision is to build one of Africa’s largest education innovation kitchens where young people can access quality education and reduce unemployment to an insignificant rate. As of today, over ten thousand young people have used her online platform to study within Cameroon and beyond. This work has brought her several national and international recognitions, including the African Union Education Innovation Award and the ZERO project award. As a main player in the education sphere during the COVID-19 pandemic, her innovation was recognised by the African Union Development Agency-NEPAD as a continental good practice and features on its ASPYEE platform, as she featured amongst the 100 Most Influential Young Cameroonians.

Pemwoya Bryan

Pemwoya Bryan Pangsui is a 20-year-old passionate software developer and TechPreneur with a huge zeal for using technology in solving societal problems. He is the Founder and Developer of Cameroon’s own first Travel Guide App TourCMR, a bilingual travel guide App approved and recommended by the Minister of Tourism and Leisures for the promotion and development of tourism in Cameroon.

The TourCMR which is available in both Google Play Store and App Store contains a well-structured guide to all the touristic sites in Cameroon classified under the different towns with accurate descriptions, cost estimates, and directions on how to get to each touristic site.

Pemwoya is a mobile app developer with hands-on work experience on several projects in Cameroon like the Cameroon GCE Bio Manual Kit, Baby First Ride App, and the QuickServe-CM Platform. He is also the developer of the Bright First Emergency (BFES) App, an emergency ride-booking application. He is passionate about anything IT-related geared towards suitable development.

Arielle Kitio

In 2017, Arielle founded CAYSTI (www.caysti.com) a platform that teaches new technologies.

She is the president and founder of WIT association (www.wit4wy.org). This association aims to empower, support and sustain women and youth in their daily activities, using IT. My work here is to initiate and conduct projects of the association. My idea is to start recruiting IT students from secondary schools. My focus is on the female students who represent around 30 percent of IT students of the Computer Science Department. Till now, i initiate projects like:
– “Women Success Stories”: annual event bringing together
WSS in STEM who freely share their experience with girls to inspire, motivate them in STEM
– “Orientation Workshops”; aim to support our educational orientation system by connecting students to professionals models who give them better tips to identify, follow their dreams and to transform it into successful reality
– “StudentSaturdayTalk”
– Mobile applications development

Cedric Atangana

Founded WeCashUp.com a platform which serves to unify the African Market digitally by providing the Largest Panafrican Payment Gateway system.

Sabina Nforba

 She is the founder of AFritech Hub, an organization built to

motivate young people to pursue STEM careers, develop digital skills and to improve the gender parity in STEM.

Felix Fomegnia

Felix Fomengia is an award-winning app developer and entrepreneur with experience and hands-on several projects. B.Tech Engineer, Computer Engineering. Felix Fomengia is also the Founder & CEO of Light-Gate Solutions Inc. (A Tech Company centered on Building IT solutions).

Felix took upon himself to delve into the monetization of his skills, hence the creation of “Light-Gate Solutions” which is a high-tech startup that has an interest in helping individuals and groups embrace and explore the advantage of the digital age gives us.

He has already developed websites and applications for several firms both home and international and he looks forward to creating a kind of Cameroonian Silicon Valley which will be a melting pot of all tech enthusiasts in Cameroon.

He is the developer of Cameroon’s number one educational app named Cameroon GCE GUIDE, and a host of others which include basic applications for easing you use of mobile and other brain bursting apps.

He recent awards include; Orang Social Venture Prize Cameroon (3rd Prize), 2019 Digital Citizenship of the year for remarkable efforts in using social media and technology to advance solutions to the country’s most pressing problems while promoting peace and sustainable development, Most Celebrated Digital Citizen, SDG 4 For efforts in using social media and technology to promote quality education by DigCit SDG Awards.

In 2018, his “Cameroon GCE Guide App” won “BEST MOBILE APP” of the year at the Bonteh Digital Media Awards. The app was also nominated for the Digital Citizenship SDGs Awards for Promotion of SDG Goal 4(Quality Education) at the 2018 Digital Citizenship Summit in Yaoundé, Cameroon.

In the same year (2018), Felix Fomengia was featured among the 100 personalities inspiring Cameroon in the Category “IT & Innovation” by Inspire237 Magazines of YES Cameroon.

He also received the award for the Best Education Project at the Premium Awards 2018 (Projects Award Contests by the College of Technology, University of Buea).


Felix Fomengia has served as a Mentor for Andela’s Andela Learning Community (ALC) in the track of Mobile App development and mentored many young developers through the Google Africa Challenge Program. He is currently an Entrepreneurial Ambassador for the Fotabe Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy, and Findme, an innovative service search platform.

Felix Fomengia has equally been as Guest Speaker on several national stations such as CRTV, Canal2 English, HITV, Magazines, Voice Radio, CBS Radio, and other youths’ seminars and programs.

Nervis Nzometia

 Nzometiah Nervis Tetsop is a multiple award-winning Tech Innovator, Robotics Enthusiast, a Masters Student in Power Systems Engineering, Founder/CEO of Nervtek, and an Ambassador of Cybersecurity at the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. He has a strong interest in technological innovation, Youth leadership, and Community development to foster growth in society. He is committed to raising, equipping, and empowering young tech leaders with digital skills to follow their passion, take action and be world change-makers.

Through his organization Nervtek, he and other young people organize training workshops, Hackathons, Webinars, and Bootcamps in Universities, Secondary Schools, and Primary Schools to teach and engage tech enthusiast in the fields of Computer Programming, Robotics, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Drone Technology, and Hardware Development (Circuit design, 3D modeling). They also organize annual summer holiday training programs to introduce kids and teenagers to technology.

Nervis Nzometiah has already received several awards and distinctions. He won first prize for the Best ICT project of the year 2020 during the second edition of the Cameroon ICT Innovation week and received a special ICT award from the President of the Republic of Cameroon after presenting his project the e-Waste 3D Printer. He was appointed Ambassador of Cybersecurity by the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications H.E Mme Minette LIBOM LI LIKENG alongside 6 other influencers in the nation, December 2020. He emerged winner at Transgenerational Forces Impact Awards in the category of Innovation of the Year Award with the e-Waste 3D Printer project. He was also recognized and Awarded the Horizon Achievers and Builders Awards by the Horizon Newspaper in Cameroon.


Civil Society & Philanthropy

Pascaline Bih

Pascaline Bih is a Social Worker, gender activist and a personal development coach. She is Founder of Dare Africa and Every Woman, platforms aimed at amplifying the voices of women, girls and youth through programs that inspire, empower and equip them to run thriving businesses and institutions. 

Mokwe Welissane Nkeng

Welisane Mokwe Nkeng is a Cameroonian Diplomat,  award winning Journalist and Gender Advocate, and a Philanthropist.


She has under her belt a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Buea, a Masters in International Communication and Public Action from The International Relations Institute of Cameroon, another Masters in International Relations with specialty in Diplomacy still from IRIC. She is presently pursing a Doctorate in International Relations at the Geneva school of Diplomacy with focus on Transnational Terrorism in Lake Chad Basin.


She has worked extensively in Broadcast Journalism, Coorporate Communication,  International Relations and Diplomacy.

Her keen interest in gender issues and the plight of the African woman and girl child led her  to create the Welisane Foundation which promotes Gender Equality, Girl Child Education, Sexual and Reproduction Health and Rights and Mentorship & Networking. 


She has several international portfolios and recognitions such as United People Global Oustanding Project Recognition 2021, Focus Africa Female Ambassador Award 2021, Target Peace Powerful Leadership of African Woman Recognition, Guardian Post Gender Empowerment Award 2020, Merck Foundation Recognition 2020, United People Global Sustainability Leader and Champion 2019, Malaria Ambassador for Malaria No More, Vice President Ecosystem Based Adaptation for Food Security in Africa Assembly – Cameroon, World Pulse Ambassador 2019 & 2020, Global Goodwill Ambassador 2019, World Peace Ambassador for World Peace Tract and Country Director of Youth Peace and Leadership Organisation,

Rahel Randy

Rahel Randy is a Conference Speaker,  Humanitarian, Girl Child Advocate, Women Empowerment Advocate, Entrepreneur and Wife Coach . Rahel is the CEO of RASPOWERS Ltd a fully registered general commerce company covering different business sectors.

 Rahel is the founder of Priceless Women and the Rahel Randy Foundation.

Her non-profit organization,

RRF promotes girl child education,  economic empower for women and can be credited for helping hundreds of young girls from Primary to university levels with tuition fee, shelter, hospital bills,exam registration fees and equally to come out of trauma, sexual abuse, emotional abuse and become powerful and productive individuals in the society.

 She equally initiated the Red Dot Project which provides sanitary pads for over 500girls anually and the Daily Food Aid program which feeds at least one hungry family a day in Cameroon.

 For over six years, she has worked tirelessly to equip young girls and women with the tools and knowledge they need to stand up for themselves and own their voices via her anual Conference Next Generation Leading Ladies Conference, Girls Empowerment Summit and her virtual platform tagged; Lady with her own Cash where she encourages women and girls to make their own money.

 Rahel is changing the narrative for women and girls in our community there by impacting the world.


Kekwi Linda Kanjo

Linda is the founder of Sustaining Peace Foundation a not for profit organization that advocates for the rights of the vulnerable in society, striving to bring Peace. Through her foundation Linda has developed Skills in hundreds of Widows and Young People in Cameroon.

Wango Boris

Wango Boris is a prolific speaker, trainer, coach, author and pastor. He believes in transforming culture by helping people discover their unique identity and walk in their purpose and destiny. For the last 4 years he has travelled across the nations of Africa training and equipping on leadership, personal development and financial empowerment.

He believes that every human on earth was born with a unique purpose and destiny. Each person is created to fulfill a specific and unique assignment on earth. He is passionate about helping people get the skills and tools they need to bring about lasting impact in society. He believes that If people are spiritually empowered, financially equipped, relationally stable and personally confident, they will be able to confront most challenges in society.

Wango Boris is the CEO of Wango Boris Cultural Transformation (WABOCt). WABOCt is a platform he created to bring about a cultural shift by empowering people and organizations that will go on to become History Makers. Through this platform you will be able to get world class courses on financial empowerment, building healthy and fulfilling relationships, purpose discovery, spiritual empowerment and many others.

Boris is the president of Hope for the Nation(HftN) a non-profit organization that is passionate about releasing hope to the nations of Africa through philanthropy, financial mentorship and personal development. HftN has been able to reach out to IDP’s in Cameroon who are victims of the Anglophone Crisis.

 He is also the executive director of the Money Mastery Academy. An online and offline school he created to train and equip people and organizations on how to make, save, grow and retain money. The Money Masterclass has impacted so many people and it is helping to bring about a cultural shift through financial education.

He holds a BSc, Medical Laboratory Sciences from the University of Buea, Cameroon. He is passionate about bringing transformation in the health sector by training medical professionals on how to bring holistic care to their patients.

He also holds a diploma from the Bethel Atlanta Cameroon School of Supernatural Ministry (BACSSM) Buea, Cameroon. He is the Senior Leader of Bethel Atlanta Cameroon Family Fellowship (BACFF) a church he has been pastoring from the last 7 years.




Chlautille Fobuze

 The founder of Kolo Designz is one of the foremost fashuo Designers in Cameroon.

Her designs are bold and futuristic with a lot of class and style. Chlautille`s creativity and fashion sense are very commendable.

Arnys Ze

 He is the founder of Zab Creation, a prolific fashion house and is popularly known to be the designer for stars as he has dressed some of Cameroon`s most influential personalities. His talent will not leave you indifferent.